Consequences of Ill-Fitting Replacement Windows

Replacement windows are an excellent home improvement project. They provide better insulation than the older windows, save money on utility bills, and increase the value of the property. The return on the investment is high and the look is stunning. Properly installed windows are well worth the money spent on the improvement.

Exact Fit

Replacement windows need to fit the old space exactly to be effective. The style, thickness, and type of glass can all be different, but the sizing must be perfect for every window. The space has to be measured and remeasured to ensure the best fit. The window also has to be placed snugly in the space and sealed properly. When the time comes, seek out experienced professionals for installation to avoid the serious consequences of ill-fitting replacement windows.


The slightest discrepancy in fit or alignment will cause major damage to the home. Damage is severe and expensive to repair because small leaks, uneven pressure, and cracks are not immediately noticeable. Moisture, drafts, and water enter the window sill, the walls, siding, and the foundation before a problem is detected. The structural damage will require costly restoration, after which new replacement windows will need to be fitted.

Avoid This Issue

Do not hire a contractor or renovation company that offers no warranty on the labor. Experienced and professional installers will back their work with some type of warranty or guarantee to protect the customer. Purchase the replacement windows from the company that will be installing them. This ensures the professionals have experience with that brand of window.

An Ideal Situation

Finding an experienced company that manufactures, supplies, and installs replacement windows, such as Erie Construction, is ideal for maximum protection against ill-fitting windows. The windows are custom made for each home and are backed by a lifetime warranty. Modern styles in over twenty-five colors and wood stains are offered.

Homeowners can begin the process with a free energy-saving analysis and free estimates. In-house financing options are available as well. Do not risk structural damage when a lifetime warranty is offered by professionals. Enjoy the benefits of energy-efficient windows without worrying about undetectable damage.