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Importance of Changing Engine Oil

You need to change your oil vehicle to keep your engine clean which makes it run effectively. Changing oil regularly can save the life of your engine as well save the money you would have paid for repairs. Oil is so important to your vehicle because it lubricates all the moving parts of a car engine. Friction rate in the engine is brought down by oil which also reduces the heat generated in the engine which at times when exceeds causing engine malfunction. After sometime oil breaks down, loss viscosity, get thick and gummy which make it no longer to move freely throughout the engine which makes some components not to carry out correctly.

The engine also produces small substances which look like metal substances and debris which at times slogs up the oil filter and drains into the oil. The debris then bypass thru the engine together with oil and in many cases they contribute to engine malfunction. Engines are designed in a way they may keep running for a longer time, to keep them do this, one is only needed to keep fresh oil and oil filters in your vehicle. Regular changing of oils not only increase lifespan of an engine, the vehicle gives one a service for several years without major mechanical failures.

Sometimes while on highways or driving check the oil lamp in your cars dashboard, if it’s on you are supposed to pull out of the road immediately and check your oil. Driving while the oil is underneath the endorsed degree will purpose some critical harm to your engine and in many cases, the engine will seize up, and thereafter the engine will fail to work. Immediately you notice some oil leakages while driving or underneath your car; you are supposed to find a mechanic as soon as possible to check the cause of the problem. Some problem might have developed from your last oil change for example you might find the oil filter wasn’t tightened, the need to hire a mechanic is because he will check if also the oil has some problems. Most of the engine problems are as a result of oil especially when you notice some black smoke coming from the tailpipe.

Some people change the oil of their car engines but if you do not have much experience or any idea, kindly call a mechanic to do it because he will check all other areas which might need attention. He will also check the belts for wear and tear, the cleanliness of your car battery and spark plugs some will even go to the extent of filling the transmission fluid.

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